The Silver Village

Then I started to ask the older people, how their life has changed, is it better now than before, expecting to hear complaints of the modern evils, but every single one was very happy with the changes. The new road has brought them close to the hospital, and the children are going to school. New health education has cut infant mortality, old people live longer and are healthier, and it is easier to bring the villagers products to markets in town.

Their only worry was that the young people move to the towns to look for work. "But then they can come more often to visit us, because of the new road!" said one old lady, smiling widely showing her dark red, beetle nut stained teeth.

I began to think differently of the modernisation of the rural areas. Poverty is not cute. How many of us would like to move back to a time with no electricity or paved roads? Think of a life without refrigerators, washing machines or running water! Without TV, internet, hot baths or cool drinks.

I am very happy to support my silver village to develop, to give them work, and in my small part, help the traditional life style develop gently into modernity. Maybe even some of the youngsters who left for the big city will return, if there is enough work, and bring back some of the comforts they now are used to.

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